Accident Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Elevators and escalators are so commonplace in our society that most people rarely give their safety a second thought. Unfortunately, they are not 100% safe and at least two people per month die from elevator or escalator-related injuries. If one of these devices has injured you or a loved one, please call a Chicago accident attorney from The Law Offices of Your Chicago Accident Attorney.

There are three parties that may responsible for these accidents and your Illinois accident lawyer can help you identify who is liable for your specific accident. In order to find the proper party to be subject to your accident lawsuit in Illinois, we will review inspection logs, operating permits, maintenance records, purchase documents, insurance certificates and we will interview witnesses of the device’s prior malfunctions.

Our Injury Lawyer Can Build a Strong Case

In most cases, the property owner will be held responsible for these accidents, as they are required to keep these devices working safely and to turn them off and have them repaired when they are not. In order to win your suit, your Chicago accident attorney will be required to show the owner new the device was malfunctioning and still failed to remedy the situation.

In certain cases though, the maintenance company or the manufacturer may be responsible for the accident. When a dishonest company tells the property owner they have been properly repairing and servicing the device, but have not been, that company is at fault for any injuries caused by the elevator or escalator. If the device had a defect at its inception, the company that created it may be liable for your injuries.

Whoever is at fault for your elevator or escalator injury should be made to pay for your injuries and suffering. Do not let them escape responsibility. Contact a Chicago accident lawyer at Your Chicago Accident Attorney today to discuss your case.